The Post Traumatic Stress Cup Description

A lot of people with PTSD struggle to understand why they fly off the handle at such small things, i.e., the toilet roll is around the wrong way, someone walked in front of you, that stranger looked at you, etc etc. The reason is really fairly simple, and easier to show than commonly clarify faster, more easily, and those with PTSD tend to get angry quicker than others at small stupid things.

Let me clarify this, and you will better understand the difference to those with PTSD, and people without.

No issues with that one.

The evident, when something bad happens, or is really hindering you, is normally classified as “bad stress”, which consists such things as paying bills, money, relationships, getting fired from your job, etc etc etc. Everybody gets bad anxiety at some period in their day; it simply depends upon the sum, and the person themself.

As it is possible to observe, an individual that is normal is represented by Cup 2, and with both bad and good stress. They still have plenty of room in their own cup without overflowing (bursting, fury, anger, etc etc). A regular man has the ability to take lots of tension in their everyday life, before being pushed on the edge.

The problem with that is that we have exactly the same amount of bad and good stress as everyone else, though we also have this huge ball of PTSD which features much more and our injuries.

As you can see from this cup, with great anxiety and PTSD, you actually don’t have much room for anything else. It is possible to see by the “bad stress” representation on top of the cup, it’s rather small compared to Cup 2 – thus this really is why something so little and trivial can make someone with PTSD fly off the handle so promptly (anger). A little “bad stress” for the PTSD cup someone with PTSD, and they overflow rather quickly compared to anyone else.