Serious Injuries – Post Traumatic Amnesia

There are events in your life that can traumatize a person to a qualification which they become ill in the event. Although childhood abuse and sexual abuse can Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) be a common cause of PTSD, other events which cause psychological trauma can also trigger the disorder. Imagine being a mother of your two-year old child and you might be walking inside the park, pushing your child along in his stroller, when suddenly the thing is a dog ahead. It also spreads the commands that keep our heart beating, our muscles moving, and provides for us treatments for our bodies.

If the individual is diagnosed with PTSD, there is certainly treatment and help available within the form of stress medications and therapy. You can regain sensation in numbed extremities, and like the activities that limited movement stopped from engaging in. This is where the company’s human resource records will be scrutinized. Evidence needs to add medical records, employment records, medication lists, and statements from supervisors and/or co-workers. If an injured worker knew that the injury was occurring but didn’t seek treatment, this does not extend the statute of limitations.


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